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helpful resources for writers and my words: essays, poems, book reviews and now and then – a prayer.


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Life after Forty

Posted on Mar 25 by

  Ahead of  me on the journey by a decade, friend, mentor and often guide Marchiene Rienstra told me the other day about an insight that came to her on one of her morning walks...


Do You Do Well to Be Angry?

Posted on Mar 24 by

In this political season so fraught with angry people – it’s worth asking “Do You Do Well to Be Angry?” A question God once asked the Hebrew prophet...


Put Down Your Pack

Posted on Nov 12 by

Margaret Atwood once said – “I write prose to know what I’m thinking. And poetry to know what I’m feeling.” For me too – poetry was the right vessel to convey the emotions that swept over me after my brother called with words I had been longing for – for four long years. Closure on a tragedy – time for healing to begin.


Stanley Kunitz: Speaking of Poetry

Posted on Sep 16 by

Stanley Kunitz’s spirit continues with us – in words like these from his 1994 commencement address at St. Mary’s College, Maryland.  Draw them in –...


“Take a deep breath..” says Elizabeth Berg

Posted on Sep 16 by

This from an email Elizabeth Berg sent writer Donald Murray.  I came across it while reading  My Twice-Lived Life. I discovered Donald Murray late in my writing life. What a gift...


Ted Kooser’s Poetry Home Repair Manual

Posted on Sep 9 by

“The poet Linda Gregg asks her students to take a close look at just six things each day. What seems like a simple discipline turns out to be quite difficult because, by habit,...