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Posted on Jun 28, 2005 in In My Words

I know who I am. I am Russ. I forget other names, but not my own. Russ. I remember how it was with Ma, how it was with Ethel, my sister. At the end, they didn’t know their names. I remember that. I don’t want to forget my name. I remember. Russ. I am sitting in a chair on the sun porch. I know that. I know where I am. My children are here, and my wife....

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Eye of the Beholder

Posted on Jun 19, 2005 in In My Words

A sermon I delivered at Fountain Street Church. This runs quite a bit longer than most postings so you might want to print it off! At the Villa Borghese in Rome, there is a statue of Apollo and Daphne by the late Renaissance artist Bernini, that is — to date — the most beautiful sculpture I have ever seen. When I saw it for the first time — it took my...

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