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What the Dead Know

Posted on Apr 14, 2007 in Fiction

by Laura Lippman William Morrow, 2007 I fell for mystery novels early on.  I could take you even now to the mystery section in my hometown library (or take you where it was then!)   During those summer reading clubs, at least for a few summers, it seemed like I read little else. I still love mystery novels – if they are well written, complex, and the...

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The History of Love

Posted on Apr 9, 2007 in Fiction

by Nicole Krauss W.W. Norton, 2005 “Ingenious” says the New York Times on the front cover of The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.  This novel reminds me of Kafka on the Shore (but not quite as psychedelically weird), but it is once again a story woven of apparently separate stories which in the end form a whole.  And in this case – if you can suspend the...

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