Still available – Waterlines!  This poetry anthology is a collaboration of five poets (of which I am one) and four photographers living near the shores of Lake Michigan.  The poems included range emotionally move as poetry does among loss and love and hope.  And also tend to draw on the beauties of a region where dune grass and fresh water meet hardwood and pine forests.  Poets include  Linda Avery, Colette Volkema DeNooyer, Mary Haab, Mark Hiskes and Peg Padnos, Price: $12.00 (which includes shipping) To order simply contact me at


What is this website about?

It’s about reaching out to other writers with encouragement and resources, including information about The Landscapaes of Poetry which I host and is led by poet Jack Ridl. (see come write with me).  I offered Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) prose writing groups for almost a decade – but more recently have been following an urge to learn more about poetry.  Hence – I now participate in the poetry groups that Jack offers at my home.

What else will it be about?  It will be about what I read – books, magazine articles, essays.  As well as what I am writing – poetry these days, essays,memoir pieces, book reviews and now and then perhaps a message I may have offered at a church that still seems relevant to our human condition.



Why a web site?

One wintry January night, when I was feeling more than a little discouraged about my writing life, my son-in-law Chris said, “Why don’t you start a web page? We’d be interested in hearing what you’ve been reading and musing about.”

So here I am – discovering this new way and new reason to keep on writing!



Who writes these pages?

Colette Volkema DeNooyer. Too big a handle I know. Done to prove a feminist point. But what is the point really?

Both those last names belong to the significant men in my life. So on this site I’ll just be Colette, which has a nice literary history anyway.

In professional ministry for almost 20 years, I am Progressive living in what feels like an increasingly Conservative culture, committed to building bridges. We don’t solve any of the truly moral issues of our day by standing on either side of the river of the world’s pain brandishing ideological swords and tossing stones.

But arriving at the milestone of 50, stress significantly affecting my health, it seemed time to turn toward a life lived in “a cabin by a stream” – as I visualized if for my helpful, life saving therapist (Dr. Richard Raubolt) to return to a first love – writing.  And to give my self times enough for that which fees writing – reading and reflecting and reading more.

I read novels and poetry, children’s picture books and non-fiction on subjects that fascinate me like writing, leadership, dialogue, spirituality, psychology. (see good books.) I read  magazine and op-ed articles about hot button social, political and religious topics. And quirky information about nature and science too.

 I hope you’ll enjoy  “a few words… for writers and readers.”