Posted on Sep 9, 2015 in Writing Promps

I’m into “clustering” these days (see review on Writing the Natural Way under Good Books/Non-fiction). This is Gabriele Rico’s method of starting with one word or one phrase – circling it – and then spinning off whatever comes to mind, words, phrases, whatever. But each time you do, encircle the word and connect it to the word before it with a line or an arrow. And try to spin as many words off in one direction as you can. Then, if a new train of thought or a new image comes to mind, return to the main word/ circle and draw a line out from there and begin the process again, creating another series of words or phrases encircled.

Why not start with the word “turn.” Rico says this is always a good one to start with.

Try clustering for 5 minutes. Then write for 10 more on whatever you have an urge to write more about. It can be something you written down as a part of the cluster or something else entirely that was triggered by what you were clustering!